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About Us

A Passion for Podcasts

Audio is the most primitive and engaging way to tell a tale. One person speaking to another. Podcasts can create a connection with their audience like no other medium - a connection that is truly authentic.​​


With decades of experience in Film, TV and Games, we have a broad range of expertise when it comes to storytelling. We know that there is a whole world of stories just waiting to be told, and how challenging it can be to tell them in a compelling and innovative way. 

Tonality Media can help take your content marketing to the next level. Video and social media is already part of almost every company’s marketing mix, but their audiences are often unable to spend long periods of time watching videos or reading copy. The desire and necessity to multi-task means more people are choosing to engage with audio content during other tasks and activities. Rather than interrupt their day, you can be a part of it.


When people put on their headphones or turn on the radio, they are making a conscious decision to engage with the content.

So, let's give them something special to listen to...

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